Chris Jones leads the band with strong vocals and fortifies the group with his playing on alto and tenor sax.  Before and after a military  campaign in Afghanistan, Chris enjoyed a nearly ten-year stint in area band A.K.A. where  he partnered with Where’s Eddie members Ross and  Len.  






Ross Houston has been playing guitar in area bands for 15 years and is well-known for his solos and slide work






Bassist Colin Cameron is the newest Eddie, joining the band last year. He came to us by way of Nova Scotia. We don’t know much about the island province, and we know less about Colin’s mysterious background. When he tells us, we’ll tell you.  






Len Scaffidi brings a variety of sounds to support the Where’s Eddie effort by providing keyboards, guitar and guitar synth to the mix.





Drummer Justin Horth is a veteran of several top Triad-area bands. He provides a steady beat to the wide variety of music you’ll hear at a Where’s Eddie show.


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Len and Axis
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